The upcoming release of Medal of Honor is pretty huge considering its a reboot of the famed franchise. What makes it an even bigger bonus? Iron Man movie composer, Ramin Djawadi was officially signed on to produce the games soundtrack.  For the first time in the series Medal of Honor will be leaving behind the historic battles of WWII and enter into the modern setting of Afghanistan.

“Designing a score that captures both the scalpel-like quite professionalism of the Tier 1 Operators and the sledge hammer action of big military has been a unique challenge. The music is designed to dynamically ebb and flow, complementing the big action sequences with thundering electric guitar and bass, and the quiet stealth with haunting strings and hymns. It is like a Hollywood action movie score on steroids,” said Djawadi.

Medal of Honor is set to release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on October 15th. There will be an online beta kicking off from October 4th to October 8th for PC gamers.

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