Imagine you’re 12 years old and you just set up your newly purchased Nintendo Wii U. Kid, you’re about to embark on the future of video games as Nintendo is the first company to delve into next-gen gaming before Microsoft and Sony. You will get to play all those amazing cartoony Nintendo games like the broken old fans of yore, but if you want to go online with them you might have a hard time. Children looking to register Nintendo ID accounts will be asked to provide the credit card information from a responsible adult (if there are any left) and will be charged a non-refundable $0.50.

If you’re a parent, we hope you don’t have too many kids! Welcome to Nintendo’s child tax. Is your body Reggie?

Source: Joystiq

  • homez99

    Going to be interesting to see the meltdowns on Xmas morning.

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