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With Portal being released for free for a short while, it seems a good time in these dark days of the economy to highlight some excellent free games that everybody should try. The only things these vastly varied games have in common is their price tag: Masq A stylish black and white ‘decision’ game, Masq creates its own genre with multiple choices and endings set around a struggling business owner.   Read More ...

Over the last year details on Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer has been a bit of a mystery and Activision has had yet to reveal any detail. Now, we have a full length trailer for you to feast your eyes on. The new trailer details some interesting perks and kill streaks for you to earn this go around. It should turn your 5 minute gaming session into 5 hours or more.   Read More ...

With OnLive in the news recently and its latest update online and ready for your time, we have here our feature review of the home console. OnLive is available in the United States and is officially coming to Europe as well during the Eurogamer Expo in September. Now, keep in mind that OnLive is a game streaming service, much like video streaming services like Netflix. What that means is you   Read More ...

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This year’s GameCity festival in Nottingham was host to a variety of exciting personalities. Notable was the collection of stellar talent from the world of independent development. Collect them in a room over lunch and many interesting insights into the gruelling world of videogame development are glimpsed.

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At this year’s GameCity festival in Nottingham, independent developer Chris Hecker gave an insightful talk on his current project; the highly ambitious SpyParty. An espionage game that’s actually about spy work rather than explosions and laser-watches, SpyParty is one of the first genuinely fresh concepts to come around in years.

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We’ve all done it at some point. Crowded around a TV, Xbox and Guitar Hero; half a bottle of whiskey flowing through the blood stream and some bizarre cocktail of God-knows-what in our hands, attempting to beat Hysteria’s complicated bass line on expert. Not all of us try and do this for a living, however. But for a few guys in Brisbane, Australia; the dream of playing Guitar Hero whilst   Read More ...

The often-overlooked chiptune genre has seen a recent resurgence as of late, with the tenaciously vicious yet symphonic beats from yesteryear becoming one of the music industry’s less publicised secrets. In this genre, old, vintage sound chips and synthesisers replace the current high-tech, highly-computerised technology, and this creates a much sharper yet hypnotic sound. Classical choices for sound chips normally come from older computers and video game consoles such as   Read More ...

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Chiptunes have been about for a while now, so it’s only fitting that we should carry on with the internet tradition of putting things in order of “the top 10 of x” format by counting down the top 10 artists of this form of musical expression.

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