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Electronic Arts announced today that the first person shooter, Battlefield 3 has sold 5 million units in its first week of release. According to the press release, Battlefield 3 also has more then 2.5 million “Likes” on its Facebook page. It also goes on to mention that while players have had a solid first weekend of playing online, there have been “intermittent disruption of online services” due to the high   Read More ...

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Companies have been trying for years to find the perfect competitor to battle in the “war” against the Call of Duty franchise. It’s a war you see taking place in every trailer, press release and TV spot up until the games launch. The Battlefield series has roots originally in the PC, but has new life in the consoles thanks to the Bad Company releases. Battlefield 3’s release see it spanning   Read More ...

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This week is yet another hefty week of releases as the fall gaming season continues to push forward. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the highlight release developed exclusively on  PlayStation 3 by the good folks at Naughty Dog. We should be receiving our copy of the collectors edition soon and will be sure to post our own albeit inferior unboxing video. Here are some other releases hitting the store shelves   Read More ...

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