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Breach developers Atomic Games have unveiled that the game will be released on 26th January on the PC and Xbox Live Arcade. It will cost 1200 Allards on the 360 and £15 on PC. The game is a multiplayer FPS that features destructible environments. Apparently, no cover is safe thanks to the game’s Destruction Toolbox. Regardless, Breach has the usual array of multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Infiltration, Convoy and Retrieval.   Read More ...

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Sony has confirmed that Killzone 3 will be released on 25th February in the UK. It will go head-to-head with Epic Games’ Bulletstorm. The US version of Killzone 3 will be released on 22nd February, which was confirmed back in September last year. The game has officially gone gold today, so all that’s left now for Sony and Guerrilla Games is to ship it out and probably start preparing some   Read More ...

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson), has today announced that all Homefront downloadable content will appear first on the Xbox 360. Moreover, the 360 version of the game will include an exclusive map called Suburbs. He was speaking at THQ’s Gamers’ Day event in New York, where the publisher is giving folk some hands-on time with their upcoming titles.

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Ubisoft has released this rather brief “dev diary” of Might and Magic Heroes 6. Expect orcs and lots of backstory.

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The Video Standards Council has confirmed that the new PEGI game ratings system has been delayed. The new legally enforceable system was due to be released this April across Europe, but it seems they couldn’t get it ready in time. UK Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey has chimed in, saying that the ratings will be formally approved by July and will be rolled out after that.

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EA has announced that they will be releasing a demo of Bulletstorm on the Xbox Live Marketplace on 25th January and the PlayStation Network on 26th January. The demo includes Echo mode, which is a co-operative mode that tracks and compares player scores whilst they shoot about some campaign locations. Apparently the demo only has one map, which is a collapsed building. Players will have to traverse that and shoot   Read More ...

SEGA today officially announced their much-rumoured Dreamcast Collection for the 360 and PC. It will be released on February 22nd in North America and February 25th in Europe. The collection includes four games: Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2. Apparently, each game will feature enhanced graphics, achievements and online leaderboards. We hope the Sonic Adventure included on this disc isn’t the XBLA re-release,   Read More ...

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The NPD Group has unveiled the monthly sales figures for December 2010 (software sales are after the break). Here are the hardware numbers: Nintendo DS – 2.5 Million (-24%) Wii – 2.36 Million (-38%) Xbox 360 – 1.86 Million (+42%, best ever sales by 420k units) PS3 – 1.21 Million (-11%)

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