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Nintendo has announced (at a press conference last night) that the Nintendo 3DS will be released on February 26th 2011 in Japan for 25000 Yen ($300/£189). The company also confirmed that the handheld will be released in the US and Europe in March. They didn’t say the prices for those regions though.

SouthPeak has officially delayed the US release date of Two Worlds II from October 2010 to January 2011. The UK launch date is an ever-helpful “TBC”, which is what it has been since the game was announced. SouthPeak commented on the US delay by stating: “There’s a reason for everything and although we feel that the game is truly at AAA level, we want Two Worlds II to be absolutely   Read More ...

The upcoming release of Medal of Honor is pretty huge considering its a reboot of the famed franchise. What makes it an even bigger bonus? Iron Man movie composer, Ramin Djawadi was officially signed on to produce the games soundtrack.  For the first time in the series Medal of Honor will be leaving behind the historic battles of WWII and enter into the modern setting of Afghanistan. “Designing a score   Read More ...

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Black Bean Games has released a demo for the PC version of rally game WRC. The demo was released on Xbox Live last week, and PlayStation Network gamers will be able to grab it in two days time. Apparently, the game is the only title to feature the real 2010 WRC drivers, cars and events. It will be released on 8th October.

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Nintendo has confirmed that Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released in the UK on 3rd December. The game is currently in development over at Retro Studios and takes the series back to its 2D roots. It supports local co-op, with the second player taking over Diddy Kong. We enjoyed playing it at Nintendo the other month; even though we got embarrassed by the obligatory mine cart level.

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SEGA has slapped some dates and prices on Sonic 4: Episode 1. The game will be released on the iPhone on 7th October; PSN and XBLA on 13th October; and the Wii on 15th October. It will cost £10 on the PSN, 1200 Allards on Xbox Live and 1500 Wii Points on the Wii.

EA Sports announced that its upcoming reboot, previously known as NBA Live, NBA Elite 11 will be indefinitely delayed. Originally scheduled to launch on October 5th, the new release date is now TBA. Since this won’t be releasing in time with its competitor over at 2k Sports, EA plans to release a new 2010-11 update for free which includes Daily Dynamic Updates and a roster update. Don’t fret just yet,   Read More ...

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